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Peppermint Soul Blog Post
November 3, 2016
Peppermint Soul Blog Post


Welcome to Peppermint Soul! Our purpose is to provide you with all the oily support you could ever need. Our team is rapidly growing, so we are rapidly creating resources available for you to use.

I think Young Living drank some witch’s brew over Halloween because they have gone crazy with the promos! (These are USA promos only.)

Promos for New Members


You’ve been thinking about ordering for a long time (click here to order your kit by selecting the person that referred you here or entering their number). You keep hearing about essential oils, well now’s the time to snag them! In the month of November, new members who purchase a Premium Starter Kit get a bottle of Christmas Spirit. Here’s a video full of tips and tricks to getting started.

Promos for Current Members


  • 100PV on ER: $13 value
    • 5 ml Peppermint Vitality – Learn about ER here and here.
  • 190PV: $46 value
    • 5 ml Christmas Spirit
    • 20 Bonus ER Points on ER orders only
    • 5 ml Peppermint Vitality on ER orders only
  • 250PV: $143 value
    • 190PV items
    • 15 ml Frankincense
  • 300PV: $233 value
    • 250PV items
    • 5 ml Sacred Frankincense
    • 5 ml Myrrh

Referral Promo

As you know, YL is a referral based company. We have lots of resources for you at the Peppermint Soul site in the Team Tools section. If you are a member of Peppermint Soul and need the password, contact Ashlee. You will find your referral link there.

In addition to earning a paycheck, you will also get these awesome freebies.

Please let Ashlee know if you are interested in more information. We have tools in place ready to help you. All I need to know is that you need the information and we will schedule a call. (For Peppermint Soul team members only.)

From Young Living:


From Ashlee:


This is for members of the Peppermint Soul team ONLY. You must be in Ashlee’s organization to qualify. USA and Canada only.

So let’s recap. If you sign up 5 members with a Premium Starter Kit in November, you get:

  • $250 from YL
  • 5 ml Red Shot from YL
  • 15 ml Sacred Frankincense from YL
  • 5 ml Grapefruit Vitality from Ashlee
  • That’s over $320 worth of stuff

If you sign up 10 members, you get

  • $500 from YL
  • 5 ml Red Shot from YL
  • 15 ml Sacred Frankincense from YL
  • 5 ml Rose from YL
  • 5 ml Grapefruit Vitality from Ashlee
  • NEW Life 9 from Ashlee
  • ART System from Ashlee
  • That’s $1,000 worth of stuff

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


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