Oh My! I Got Oils In My Eyes and Other Safety Tips

Peppermint Soul Blog Post
October 4, 2016
Peppermint Soul Blog Post

Essential Oil Safety Tips

Click here for a printable safety guide.

When it comes to essential oils, safety always comes first. Here are some important safety tips and reminders:

  • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
    • All the information on this page and on this website refers to Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils only.
    • Before using Young Living essential oils, most people are nervous about using oils. But after learning about therapeutic grade oils, they realize that the danger is in using oils that were adulterated, contained solvents, and just aren’t pure. With that said, these oils are potent and safety is important.
  • Oils in your eyes
    • Water and oil don’t mix. If you get essential oils in your eyes, do not try to rinse out with water. The oils will repel against the water and dive deeper into your eyes, burning even more.
    • Use a carrier oil (info on carrier oils here) or fatty substance to draw the oils out of your eye. Any carrier oil, unscented lotion, butter, milk….anything fatty will work. Simply rub some of the carrier oil on your eye. The burning will stop soon.
  • Ears

    • Do not put essential oils in your ear canals.
    • You can use essential oils around your ears. Just not in your ears.
  • Diluting essential oils
    • Diluting essential oils simply means mixing them with a carrier oil before topical application (more info on carrier oils here).
    • Essential oils are volatile and want to evaporate. Diluting essential oils in a fatty carrier oil traps the essential oil, causing it to last longer on your skin.
    • Diluting does not dilute the effectiveness of the essential oils.
    • Diluting essential oils will keep “hot” oils from sensitizing your skin causing a hot sensation. This is important especially for babies, kids, and people with sensitive skin. If an oil is hot on your skin, simply grab a carrier oil and rub some on top of the hot area. (See more info on babies and kids here.)
    • How much to dilute depends on the purpose for using the oil, age of the person, the oils being used, and the person’s usage history. It could anywhere from 1 drop per teaspoon of carrier oil to a 50/50 mix to using the essential neat (without diluting).
    • When in doubt about diluting, start with a high dilution ration (less essential oil and more carrier oil) and work your way up. You can always add more essential oils as needed.
  • Plastic and Styrofoam

    • Essential oils break down petrochemicals including plastic and Styrofoam. Do no use essential oils in plastic or Styrofoam cups. If you use plastic or Styrofoam, you are likely to end up with your drink in your lap.
    • Essential oils do the same in your body. They support cell regeneration, break down petrochemicals, and scrub your cells clean.
  • Ingesting essential oils
    • The French model of using essential oils includes ingesting essential oils.
    • Ingesting therapeutic grade essential oils is an ancient practice.
  • Photosensitive
    • Some essential oils are photosensitive. This means they activate in the sunlight and could result in your sun burns. Use these oils only where the sun don’t shine for up to 12 hours before sun exposure (if you have fair skin, you might need to double that time to 24 hours; this may not be an all inclusive list):
      • Abundance
      • Angelica
      • Awaken
      • Bergamot
      • Christmas Spirit
      • Citrus Fresh
      • Clarity
      • Cumin
      • Deep Relief
      • Di-Gize
      • Dragon Time
      • Dream Catcher
      • Envision
      • Forgiveness
      • Gentle Baby
      • Ginger
      • GLF
      • Grapefruit
      • Grounding
      • Harmony
      • Immupower
      • Inner Child
      • Into the Future
      • Joy
      • Legacy
      • Lemon
      • Lime
      • Live With Passion
      • Longevity
      • Madarin
      • Orange
      • Peace & Calming
      • Raven
      • Roman Chamomile
      • RutaVala
      • SARA
      • Surrender
      • Stress Away
      • Tangerine
      • Thieves
      • Transformation
      • Trauma Life
      • White Angelica
  • Babies and Young Children
    • Always dilute essential oils for babies and young children
    • Do not apply oils where they can lick or suck. If putting oils on their feet, cover their feet with socks.
    • The following oils should be avoided or used with caution:
      • Eucalyptus
      • Basil
      • Juniper
      • Peppermint
      • Hyssop
      • Wintergreen
    • For more information on using essential oils with babies and young children, click here.
  • Storage
    • Essential oils should be stored in a dark, glass container like the bottle they come in.
    • Keep out of direct sunlight.
    • Essential oils are volatile and will evaporate. So keep the lid on your bottle.
    • Citrus oils do oxidize over time. This can be avoided by storing them in the refrigerator. However, as long as you have them in a dark, glass bottle, keep the lid on, and keep them out of the sunlight, you can store them at room temperature for a very long time.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Feet Application
    • Essential oils can be applied topically anywhere (except eyes, ears, and nose). But the soles of your feet is a very effective place to apply oils.
      • The soles of your feet have large pores so the essential oils enter the blood stream quickly.
      • The soles of your feet are not very sensitive. So you are less likely to feel a “hot” sensation with sensitizing oils.
      • The soles of your feet have vitaflex points that correlate to different parts of your body.
  • Pets
    • Click here for more information about essential oils and animals.
    • Common oils used for animals are:
      • Purification
      • Thieves
      • Melrose
      • Raven
      • DiGize
      • M-Grain
      • Panaway
      • Relieve It
      • Lavender
      • Infect Away
      • Mendwell
      • ParaGize
      • Puriclean
      • RepelAroma
      • T-Away
    • Dilute essential oils for animals.

Click here for a printable safety guide.

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